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9th June, Bollydance Experience

You will surely love Bolly Dazz® Fitness a fusion of modern Bollywood and fitness moves, professionally conceptualised by world-class choreographers and American Council on Exercise (ACE) certified fitness experts.

Workshop conducted by Bolly Dance Studio.

It doesn't matter if you're a seasoned dancer or have two left feet. You'll dance your way to fitness and feel fabulous.

About Bolly Dancing Studio

Bolly Dancing Studio opened studios in Mumbai in 1992 and Singapore in 2008 bringing the most authentic Bollywood Dance through easy-to-follow, and fun fusion dance classes that were modern and totally different from anything else. Since then Bolly Dancing Studio has run regular dance & fitness classes, workshops, team-building sessions & wellness programs for corporate, Singapore government departments & educational institutions

Checkout the Bolly Dazz Video:

9.30 - 11:0 0am

40 SGD

01-12 Waterloo Centre, 180261

Reserve (Limited to 20 participants).

Paynow 91699589 (Diana Kling) Please note your name when paying.

Registration closes the 4th of June.

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